Blog Post 6

Creating this exhibit has been extremely difficult but the accomplished feeling upon completing the website felt awesome. It started as just an idea in my head and became a fully functional website on the internet. Making a website is never something I saw myself doing but I am glad to have the experience. My overall computer ability has improved tenfold from where I started on our first day. This website has involved my first coding experience which was really cool to finally try because I hear all about it from my friends in other majors. Trying to think of what to include in my exhibit was difficult at times because I wanted to make sure everything had a good reason for being there and could be explained in depth. My favorite part about this project was that I really got to do something I love. Going into a deep dive analysis of one topic and really getting a good understanding of the historic and modern day impact of that topic is very interesting to me. Southeastern Asian history is probably one of the topics in history I know the least about and getting to look at the Khalistan Movement which is based in Northern India was refreshing because of how new it was.


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