Blog Post 5

There are three main goals that I have for my website, to educate others, promote dialogue, and raise awareness on the Khalistan movement. I want to provide unbiased information on the topic in a way that lets people understand the facts and come to their own conclusions. I plan on including historical context, key events, and describing the stakeholders involved. Another reason for this website is to encourage dialogue between the two sides, the Punjabi movement has been a highly controversial topic and I think people become too biased to really listen to one another. Increasing awareness of this movement in general is another important goal of my project. Before my friend informed me, I was completely in the dark about this subject as I believe many people are. I asked around the members of my history 390 class at George Mason and only about 3 people out of 40 were aware of the Khalistan Movement. The primary audience would probably include people interested in South Asian history, politics, and social justice issues. Also members of the Sikh community and those who live in Northern India. Secondary audiences might include anyone interested in global conflicts and social movements. I want these audiences to gain a balanced understanding of the khalistan movement, its historical roots, and its modern relevance. I want people who visit my site to reflect critically on what they have just seen on there and come to their own conclusions. Some of the prioritized content I am thinking about is the historical overview of the Khalistan Movement, including key events, leaders, and ideologies. I will have a home section with an intro and navigation. Also an about section another section would be the perspectives.


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