Blog Post 4

I don’t think that anyone truly owns the past. I think some just have more access to it than others. Copyright can restrict what people do with the work but the information is still out there after they publish whatever it is they post. For my website I opted to use the lowest restriction for the public. It doesn’t matter to me what people do with my work, I only want it to be accessible for everyone interested in the topic. Most of the sources that I used during my project were labeled CC BY-NC which means that people can distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material so long as credit is given to the creator and only non commercial use of the work is permitted. Some of them were CC BY-NC-SA which is the same as the last copyright but adaptations must be shared under the same terms. Only a couple were the next form of copyright CC BY-NC-ND this restricts any derivatives or adaptations of the work. I plan on using the CC BY copyright license for my website because it allows the most freedom when working with my website. I want people to be able to do anything they want with the work I create.


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