Creating this website I didn't have too many challenges. The two biggest problems that I really had were some sources that looked really good and many primary resources were only available in Punjabi or another Language from India. The second biggest problem I had was just being very computer deficient. I have never been tech savvy so some things would just stump me for extended periods of time and I would need to watch how to youtube videos. Over time the more I worked with websites and completed Skills assessments I started to pick things up. The reason that I used my timeline was that I think it provides the best way to get a condensed history of the Khalistan movement. I also decided to display important people for and against the Khalistan movement because I believe the people are the most important aspect of the Khalistan movement. Lastly I used my map to try and highlight that the movement is not limited to only Punjab and that this is a global effort. One of my main reasons for creating this website was for spreading awareness and if people see that this is happening in their country too they hopefully will look into it.