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    My Summer 2017 Morning Skincare Routine

    Some of the most frequently asked questions I receive are 1. What are my favourite skincare products? 2. What are my most used skincare products, and 3. What products do I use to achieve the healthy glow I currently have? So I thought I would share on here the routine I followed all summer, starting with my morning routine as it was the most consistent. I did test out other products from time to time but always came back to these products. During the day I tend to focus mostly on hydration and blemish control in the summer and exfoliation and more targeted treatments in the colder months. This is why my skincare routine can change depending on the season and how my skin is at that time. I don’t think it is any one particular product alone that has helped my skin, but rather a concoction of products that have worked simultaneously together to help me achieve the healthy glowy skin I have today. Continue reading

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    My Current Everyday Makeup Heroes / Go-To Everyday Makeup Look

    As of recent I have been quite the creature of comfort when it comes to the makeup products I use on the daily. I mean if it works and it isn’t broken, why fix it, right? For a while there I didn’t even wear eyeshadow for months! I think I just lost passion in it and became too lazy to want to do my eyeshadow – ugh #hoodedeyeproblems. However I’ve had many of you ask me what products have been giving my face the glow it currently has this summer, so I thought I would share a few posts with you. Starting with the makeup edition and following up with skincare….

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    Perricone MD H2 Elemental Energy Line Review

    Perricone MD is renowned for its efficacious anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing skincare and their popular supplements range, that help combat skin issues from the inside out. We are starting to notice that damage caused to our skin over time is leading to dull, dehydrated, tired-looking skin. So Dr Nick Perricone added another amazing new line to his renowned Perricone MD Army to help combat these issues. The H2 Elemental Energy™ Collection contains a comprehensive range of lightweight and fast-absorbing products that help to provide a powerful boost of hydration. Leaving the skin looking radiant, full of vitality and feeling healthy and re-energised.

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