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PÜR Vanity Palette Review – Dream Chaser & Goal Digger plus Swatches

PUR Cosmetics is a mineral based cruelty-free cosmetics brand that i first discovered a couple of years back through youtube. However at that time their products were not available in the UK so it was hard to get my hands on any of the products i was lusting after. Then Beauty Bay came to the rescue and started stocking their products, hooray. I started out purchasing one of their limited edition eyeshadow palettes, followed by their popular 4-In-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation*. Which i loved so much i immediately added it into my everyday makeup rotation. So i was super excited when both of the new Vanity Palettes arrived on my doorstep….

If you have been following my Instagram as of recent then you will already be aware that last month i was hacked, and whoever hacked me caused a lot of problems with my google account and my blog. In fact my blog was so corrupted that google decided to blacklist it! So any little traffic that did manage to get through organically was being referred to corrupted non-trusted websites. It was heart-wrenching to see my blog hits go from almost 20,000 hits a month down to just 2,000 and over 40 of my most popular blogposts that drew the most traffic disappeared. So after much thought and technical advice i decided to start a fresh new blog on wordpress through my domain host, where i have better safety. I decided not to link my old blog to this one and against transferring any of my previous posts from blogger in case it corrupted this too. 3 years of passion, time and work gone! I have decided i am going to bring a few of my posts over to this, so if you recognise any of my past posts, you know why. In a way i think this is a positive fresh start, as now i can share more ethical and conscious beauty brands that i love.  Anyway, now we have established my blogs rebirth lets take a look at the PÜR Cosmetics Vanity Eye and Cheek palettes….

Could these be a more affordable alternative to the popular Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palettes?

PUR have two palette designs available… The Dream Chaser and the Goal Digger. The silver design details make these palettes look fun. The concept behind the Vanity Eye and Cheek Palettes are to compliment those with busy lives, who need an all-in-one product to perfect themselves on the go. At first the ingenious feature that these palettes offer are not obvious to the eye. Even though they look like your basic compact palette, they actually have a retractable standing mirror that helps them to convert into a mini vanity. Pretty Cool huh? Simply pull the mirror towards yourself to pull out the mirror and voila, you have a mini vanity for makeup application on the go. Each mineral powder within the palettes are also formulated with green tea, ginseng and B Vitamins. The pigmentation of the powders are strong, but not overly pigmented that you could look like a clown applying in a rush on the train to work. The formulation is incredibly smooth and any fallout just brushes away easily. So you can relax knowing that you will arrive at your destination looking put together and polished,  and no one would ever know you spent a few rushed minutes perfecting your look.

Size wise the compact is pretty slender and easy to slip into your handbag. The large mirror (which is great quality btw) really helps with precise application and touch ups. Each palette contains four eyeshadows and 3 cheek products. The names of the products are also available both on the box packaging and on the back of the palettes.

Left PÜR Goal Digger | Right PÜR Dream Chaser


Goal Digger – Has more cool toned shimmery powders with more adventurous eyeshadow shades. The shiny mirrored silver packaging helps to reflect this palette.

Dream Chaser – Has more warm toned neutral and matte powders, housed within a matte silver compact. Which helps you to differentiate the two palettes apart.

PÜR Goal Digger Vanity Palette

  • Glow Getter – is a soft shimmery champagne highlight
  • Glambition – is a cool mid-toned rosy pink blusher
  • Motivation – is a cool-toned matte medium-dark bronzer
  • Aim High – is a satin sheen bone eyeshadow
  • 24/7 – is deep satin plum purple eyeshadow
  • No Limit – is a shimmery glittery silver eyeshadow
  • Grind – is a shimmery dark grey eyeshadow with silver glitter

L-R: Grind – No Limit – 24/7 – Aim High – Motivation – Glambition – Glow Getter.

The pigmentation of the Goal Digger Palette in my opinion is much better than the Dream Chaser! The Glow Getter highlighter is insanely pigmented yet extremely blendable that it can be sheered out for more of a soft delicate highlight if desired. I feel its more of an intense version of the Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in candlelight only slightly icier. Glambition the cool-toned rosy pink blush has a slight hint of lilac to it, making it flattering for both warm and cool skin tones. Motivation the dark matte bronzer is incredibly pigmented, so if you are fair to light in skin-tone i would recommend applying with a fluffy brush to build up layers, as opposed to going straight in with a denser brush. I have enjoyed wearing No limit packed all over the lid (it is a little choppy due to the glitter particles, so i like to wet my brush beforehand to grip the product and increase pigmentation), Grind out the outer part of the eye and 24/7 on the bottom lash line. Purple eyeshadows really compliment my brown eyes and this shadow is by far my favourite out of the two palettes. However, I do feel that this palette would have benefited from having a matte transition/crease shade though. Because of all the shimmer and deeper colours this palette is perfect for nighttime looks, if you are wanting to create a bold eye-catching look.

PÜR Dream Chaser Vanity Palette

  • Illusion – is a soft peach blush, perfect for pale skin tones
  • Visionary – is a delicate warm coral blusher
  • Driven – is light-toned warm bronzer with a satin sheen
  • Aspire – is a Matte cream eyeshadow
  • Good Intentions – is dark red-toned brown, almost maroon in colour
  • Utopia – is mid-toned warm brown
  • Fantasy – is a dark neutral brown

L-R: Fantasy – Utopia – Good Intentions – Aspire – Driven – Visionary – Illusion.

Though I’m sure Illusion is supposed to be a highlighter i just find it far too warm and dark as a highlighter on my light-to-medium complexion. So i use this as a blush topper over a neutral blush. Very fair skin-tones would suit this as a blush all on its own. The coral Visionary blusher is very rich in pigment and compliments both warm and cool skin tones. The Driven bronzer though it looks light in the pan shows up much more pigmented on the skin than you would expect. It actually reminds me of the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar bronzer  – one of my favourites. The eyeshadows are much more pigmented than i anticipated and don’t have as much fall-out when applying with a brush, as they do when swatching with a finger. The shade Utopia will probably be the most popular shade with warm eyeshadow lovers. I tend to wear Utopia packed all over the lid and blended through the crease. I will say that it does take a little work to blend out though. Then i mix together Good Intentions and Fantasy to deepen up the outer corner of my eye. Fantasy is insanely pigmented so it’s best to gradually build up the colour or you might end up looking like a raccoon. Aspire i find great for blending out Utopia. The shadows are a little drier than thee quality of eyeshadows i am used to and i would say they are comparable to MAC. These take more work than i am used to blending out, however once blended they look beautiful on the eyes. I like that you can create a beautiful warm smoky eye for both day and night with just this little palette. Also the eyeshadow formulation is long-wearing and holds up in the summer heat.

Left: Glow Getter – Glambition – Motivation | Right: Illusion – Visionary & Driven

Overall i really like both of these palettes. The Goal Digger is my favourite even though it hasn’t received as much love as the Dream Chaser. The colours in the Dream Chaser palette is more wearable for day due to its neutral shades. If you are looking for an all-in-one product to do a complete look then i highly recommend. Especially if you are someone who has an active life and just wants one palette to complete their entire look and fit in with their busy lifestyle. I believe that the PÜR Dream Chaser palette can be a more affordable option to the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette. I am now lusting after their Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette, have you seen it?


The PÜR Vanity Palettes retail for £30-£32 each in the UK and $36 each in the USA
They are available to buy from: Ulta (DCGD ) | Marks & Spencer (DCGD) | Feel Unique (currently on sale for £25.60 ) | Look Fantastic


PÜR Cosmetics are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and are committed to being eco-friendly and waste-minimising.

So do you like the concept of this unique palette?

Thanks for Reading

Jamey xo

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