All articles posted on JLBlogs©2017 are written by myself unless stated otherwise. All opinions are entirely my own and you can expect unbiased opinions with 100% complete honesty. Please remember that my thoughts shared on here are exactly that, ‘MY own Opinion!’ I cannot always guarantee that something i recommend will work for you, but i just hope i can help you deice on whether or not something is worth your pennies and investment.

I am a firm believer in ‘putting your money where your mouth is and i purchase a good 80% of the products you see gracing my blog. The other 20% are PR samples or Gifts i am incredibly blessed to be sent. Please be assured that no matter if a product was sent or was purchased by myself, my opinion will always be 100% my own! I only review products i feel are fitting to my style and blog, and i also have the right NOT to mention products if i don’t feel that they fit my criteria.

Note that all items provided by a Brand or PR company will be accompanied with an asterisk (*) symbol next to them. If a blog post is Sponsored it will be mentioned at the end of each post. I do have some affiliate links throughout my posts, but they are not done for commission but more for easy accessibility to websites i trust and recommend. I also offer non affiliate discount links from time to time, and host giveaways.

All products reviewed will either have an overall summary at the end or a score out of 5. Here is my score/rating system/scale explained:
1 – Very Bad: Just a terrible product that didn’t work/ no effects.
2 – So So/Mediocre: Didn’t Love but didn’t hate/claims not met.
3 – Average: Performs as expected, wouldn’t repurchase though
4 – Good: A good product, would possibly repurchase
5 – Amazing: Lives up to its claims, meets all criteria’s & would definitely repurchase


Also if you wish to utilise any the my images on JLBlogs©2017 for your personal use, then please kindly request permission. If you share on any Social Media platforms, kindly credit back to my blog or my social media handles. Thank you.

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