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Hi, my name is Jamey-Lynn and welcome to my little corner of the internet. A blog where I enjoy sharing my current passions and likes (from beauty products, food recipes, and books) to sharing little glimpses of my life and the journey of raising 4 children single-handedly and living with severe anxiety, depression and disabilities. Something I kept hidden for years behind a strong presence and smile, until now. After years of exclusively beauty blogging and social media changing (with all their algorithms & loss of followers etc), I felt stuck in a rut and uninspired. So, I was a little apprehensive to switch things up and share personal stuff on the net making myself more vulnerable. However, I feel fighting my fears can only help my mental health in the long run. So despite losing a few thousand followers in the process, I finally feel that I can be my true self, and really enjoy blogging and social media again. So here is a little bit more information about the person behind the blog….

“Worry about Loving Yourself, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you”

“Make your heart the most beautiful thing about you”

I reside with my 4 children in a quaint little 3-bed semi, 1950’s cottage-style home, in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside. Somewhere between the city of Cambridge and the small town of Newmarket. Blessed with 150 yards of garden space (fantastic for green fingers), but with nowhere near half of the space in the house, it’s taken a lot of creativity and to help maximize space, and make it more homely. As a single parent, it is incredibly important to decorate my house on a budget and do most things myself, which is why many of my projects take so long. I enjoy buying some key pieces from more high-class furniture stores, but I enjoy finding gems in more affordable stores like Dunelm, H&M, TK Maxx, BHS, and Amazon more! I also enjoy discovering vintage bargains and one of a kind designs pieces through places like Not on the Highstreet, eBay and reclaim yards. Our home has been quite the mission structurally (damp mostly) so I have really had to learn to enjoy being very hands-on when it comes to the DIY. My homes style is probably best described as classic countryside-chic meets modern Danish and French design. I love to bring the outside inside. Earth tones and Gold, White & Grey are frequent colors that flow throughout the whole house. I like everything to feel homely, romantic and relaxed, but also practical (especially with 4 kids and a cat). I hope to share the journey of my home renovation and DIY Tips & tricks. Especially as home decor & design blogs are some of my favorites to read.

Inspiring Home Blogs/Channels I recommendThe Sorry Girls| Mr Kate | Hermione ChantalLust Living | End of the Row | The Hoppy Home | Dainty Dress Diaries | Pad Lifestyle | These Four Walls |

Inspiring Home & Decor Websites: Oliva Bonas | West Elm | Bloomingville | Cox & Cox | Ikea | Wayfair | Swoon Editions | Maisons Du Monde | Beaumonde | Rose & Grey | Dot Maison | Sweetpea & Willow | Cult Furniture

“If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path” – Buddha


It will be obvious that beauty (namely skincare and makeup) are a huge love of mine (or obsession better well put). So you will see a good amount of beauty related blog posts on my blog still. From clean, good quality makeup products that look natural on the skin, to scientific and natural skincare products that help with the aging process, I just love everything about beauty. How it can make a person feel, especially when it comes to confidence. As someone who has seen a weight change after 4 kids and developing a disability, being unable to help my body size has helped me with finding confidence in my skin. Trying new beauty products is one of my favorite things do to, and sharing with you how I get on with them. My love for animals is equally as huge, which is why 2016 I decided to go cruelty-free as well as becoming more mindful about brands ethos, and ingredients I put on my body. You may notice by my social media platforms that beauty products have a huge influence, but is now one of many topics I share.

Beauty Blogs that Inspire or Educate me: The Look Book | Love Catherine | A beautiful Pursuit | Cosmetics by CarolineDermacare Direct | Caroline Hirons | Beauty By Tahira | A Little Bit Etc | Genuine Glow | OMGBartNatural Beautiful Life


“Make ethical choices in what we buy, do, and watch. In a consumer-driven society our individual choices, used collectively for the good of animals and nature, can change the world faster than laws.”― Marc Bekoff


A little about my skin – I am 33 years old, so look for anti-aging products. I have light to medium skin tone (NC20/25  winter NC30 summer). I have freckles, get easily congested and am pih prone. My skin is ‘combination’ with an oily t-zone, normal cheeks and dry and easily irritated seborrheic dermatitis around my nose, mouth, and scalp.

My favorite Beauty retailers: Content Beauty & Wellbeing | Naturisimo | Love Lula | Cult Beauty | Beauty Bay |       A Beautiful World | Glow Organic Brighton


“Ageing is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been” 



Besides loving DIY and Beauty I am also a huge lover of cooking, nature & wildlife, and reading books (the traditional paperback, not kindle! I’m old school). This is why so many beautiful plants, flowers, and books make their way into my beauty-related photos! I also enjoy photography (even if I am not the best at it), shopping and facetime video chats favorite sister. All of which I find therapeutic and help me to relax. I am the type of woman who loves long walks through the countryside fields in the fresh air (when my depression doesn’t lock me away for months at a time in my home). However, no matter my struggle I am someone who always has a smile on her face and grins through any hurt or pain. Music is another great healer and you will often find me with my headphones in and a thought-provoking playlist. I hope to share little clippits of all my hobbies and my journey trying to overcome a lifelong battle with depression and anxiety. Any recipes I share will be simple and easy to make for fussy families as well as being affordable and delightfully tasteful, and any books I enjoy finishing in my kiddy free time I will try to review.

Favorite Books: Psychological thrillers & mysteries, Romance novels, Self-help, and cookbooks.

Favorite Foods: Italien, South American/Mexican (being that I am part Puerto Rican & Native American), Japanese and Vegetarian.

Favourite Plants/Flowers: Peonies, Roses, Phalaenopsis (Orchids), Echeveria (succulents), Monstera Deliciosa (Cheese Plants), Chamaedorea Elegans (Parlour Palm), Rhipsalis Pulchra Cactus, Ceropegia Woodii (Chain of Hearts), Aloe Vera, Dypsis lutescens (areca palm/bamboo palm), Aspidistra elatior (cast iron plant) & Peperomia polybotrya (Raindrop).

Thank you for reading, and I really hope you enjoy following my little corner of the bloggersphere and internet. After suffering from social anxiety I’ve really been enjoying getting to know other like-minded people through my social media platforms. Instagram I tend to follow mainly home decor and beauty brands & blogs I love, and on Twitter, I follow mostly authors, actors, comedians, and environmentalists.


Life teaches us to make good use of time, while time teaches us the value of life


Jamey xo



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