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Hi I go by the name Jamey and welcome to my little corner of the Internet. Here on JLBlogs i write about things i am passionate about, in between juggling 4 kiddliwinks and a mischievous kitten called Joanie. I live with a lifelong disability called ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) where i display an array of signs like sensory integration disorder, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, depression and anxiety, OCD and trouble processing things and expressing them the right way. This is where my blog is like a form of therapy to me as it helps me to really improve my concentration and actually focus. However it takes me longer to write up a blogpost than someone without ASD, sometimes taking days to write up a post because of my lack of concentration and ocd. I will spend hours researching (which i thoroughly enjoy) and perfecting before publishing, often going back and editing again after publishing. I strive to learn and i think constantly learning is what drives me in life. Sadly sometimes that means i end up with a lot of unfinished drafts. Also two out of my 4 children also have ASD. Which means we have to keep to a pretty repetitive routine within our house and life. I hope to share what its like not only living with ASD as an adult, but also what its like raising children with ASD.

 On this platform it’s obvious to see that i am very passionate about beauty from: makeup and skincare, to hair care. I just feel that beauty care can also be self care, and taking care of ourselves lifts our mood and can also help with confidence. You will notice that i support cruelty-free brands, as well as green and Korean beauty brands. I like to share products i genuinely love and occasionally things that have not worked for me, but overall i like to keep my blog and social media a happy, positive place that will inspire you to think and question. I also hope to incorporate into my blog more life experiences, parenting, home decor, cooking recipes and even Domestic Violence Awareness. I like to think of my blog as my little sanctuary to whatever is on my mind, its more about being a release for me than gaining a large following. I try to show positivity, creativity and friendliness though my writing. I want to be relatable and for you to feel like i’m a friend talking to you, when you read my posts. I don’t want my blog or social media outlets to be the usual perfect ‘highlight reel’ you see today. However, my photos will have a ‘similar consistency’ to them because repetition is what my brain copes with, it’s about being aesthetically pleasing and relaxing for MY mind, and not others. For instance I find if my Instagram photos are a bit all over the place with no structure, routine or pattern it clutters my mind. I am a very open and honest person and my only goal is to show my true self on my platform. I don’t follow the hype and i don’t judge others on what they choose to share. In fact i feel inspired by those who are different and have different views. I enjoy following those who have a positive mindset, yet speak their mind and think outside the box (with no tea spilt, bullying, dematation of character/name shaming, or judgements – just pure class and thought-out material to get you thinking). Leah and Angela 2 are two strong women who spring to mind, they speak their minds with good intentions both on their blog and social media.

I am incredibly fussy about what i spend my money on, and i don’t review all PR sent products i’m sent if i don’t feel that it doesn’t fit myself or my blogs ethics or style (ones that are surprise PR packages, not ones i agree to receive). Being on a PR list is less important to me than keeping my integrity and remaining true to myself. I stick to one rule in that its quality over quantity. I won’t force myself to review something for blogging purposes if the quality of the product doesn’t suit me or makes me uncomfortable. It’s not at all about having pricey products, but about me being happy with what i put on and in my body. I don’t want my blog to feel like your usual ‘sale’s pitch’ which is why i try to go into thorough detail in my posts. I don’t follow the ‘hype’ when it comes to products and i am incredibly fussy about what i spend my pennies on, often writing lengthy wishlists down in my iphone note section first. I no longer keep beauty products for collective or blogging purposes and try to only keep stuff i know i use and that bring me joy (this book will amaze you and this youtuber will inspire you). I now also have a rule of ‘1 in, 1 out’, so that i don’t accumulate a lot of products like i have done in my past. However if i choose to have a lot of something that’s my prerogative. My money, my choice on how i spend it :).
A little more about me: ( i used many of my Questions i often receive for this part)
I am 32, almost 33 years old. I have 4 children (12 almost 13, 10, 7 and 3) and we reside in the countryside somewhere in between Newmarket and Cambridge UK. I am currently a single parent, however their dad is still involved and we have a good relationship co-parenting.
I am a full time single mom who also works as a domestic violence support worker, and will soon be teaching freedom courses. I also want to finish my psychology degree to help work with the DV Perpetrators. As the abuse cycle starts with them, and everyone has the right to fix their wrongs if they want to. You don’t know everyone’s past or what they have gone through in life, so i don’t judge.
I see the best in everyone. Even those who people think there is zero goodness in. I am often told this makes me ‘naive’, but i would rather be too trusting in people, than be cynical and narrow-minded. My mind works in that i believe what people say, even if they are lying. My positive mindset might get me into some bad situations sometimes, but i see going through those experiences as something that gives me strength and more optimism and wisdom in life.
I have a pretty random, outgoing personality, yet and a bit of a social recluse. I have suffered with agoraphobia and fear of crowded places in the past, and have not left my house for months at a time. I cant stand a lot of noise, which is why i live in the countryside.
I am a chatterbox, not only because of my ASD but because i’m not as sociable as i used to be i find when i do get around people i talk and talk and talk, until my brain processes that it’s enough lol. Its something about myself i hate but its something i’m working on changing.
My Hobbies are: Reading, i love reading and always strive to constantly learn; Cleaning (i know a weird one right lol), watching documentaries and movies with my kids; Hiking and jogging in the countryside; Cooking, Writing, bowling and enjoying Food. I think that shopping is an obvious one lol.
I worked in children’s fashion and design for almost 9 years. I can often look at a piece of clothing and know which designer or brand made it, how much it is, and which memory it holds.
Im always told im like a walking human radio. I love music and music is the one thing that helped me a lot over the years with my sensory problems. I have also written songs/poetry since i can remember, but never show people or sing them. Often i can hear a song once and know the words. If someone plays a song i haven’t heard in 20 years i can still sing along like i heard it yesterday. Yet i cannot remember what i did yesterday lol…
I mostly eat like a vegetarian, however i am not vegetarian (i used to be). I rarely eat meat and use vegetarian meat (quorn – with the exception of nandos chicken every once in a while), and though i don’t like the taste of meat i often feel like i’m missing out if i say i will completely give it up. I’m also lactose intolerant, wheat intolerant and i also have allergic reactions to spice and acidic fruits, yet i still eat them all (stubborn lol). Then people wonder why i love my vegetables so much lol. I also struggle trying new foods, and like to stick to my same routine of places to eat.
I am mixed race. This is something i get asked a lot, so i thought i would break down my nationalities and cultures. My mom is Caucasian British & Australian. My father was (he passed away 11/2016) Jamaican-American, Puertorican & Native Cherokee American. I have lived both in the USA and UK and my father served in the US Airforce, yes i was what they call a military brat. So the military is incredibly important to me.
I used to be a Christian, now i practice Buddhism. Positive websites like this are incredibly helpful. Its not been an easy transition, but everything in life is a path, and i’m on a path to hopefully better myself…
 “Distancing yourself from negativity is one of the hardest things a person can do, but it’s only when you walk away that you can truly be happy and accept positivity in your life. Sometimes it takes making mistakes, learning from them and taking the smallest steps in the right direction to see that it can end up being the biggest step of your life!”
“I’ve learned its all about choice. You can choose to turn your regrets into lessons, that will change your future”…

“All that we are is the result of what we had thought”

“If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path” – Buddha

“Worry about Loving Yourself, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you”.

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most”.

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again” – Buddha


Thank you for stopping by and i hope you enjoyed getting to know about me. 

Jamey xo


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